Note: If you run a Charity in the Buffalo area, please contact us. You have limited resources and need to make the best of them. Let us help. We'll do it for free as thanks for your efforts.


We offer training of front line and administration personnel in Lean concepts and tools. We offer higher level management coaching in Lean to enable those programs and C level consultation on the policies, strategy and benefits of supporting and sustaining these activities.


We offer both broad and targeted hands-on facilitation of improvement initiatives. These activities include clearly defined business outcomes for measurement and summary observations and recommendations for possible next steps.


A true Lean transformation requires more commitment from you than it does from us. It is a fundamental change in how you view and manage your business. It is Lean as a basic competitive business strategy. It is what we want to work on most of all, but something we may try to talk you out of as we'd rather forego transformation than see it fail.