Links to local (Buffalo, NY) Lean resources

There is tremendous manufacturing capability in the Buffalo Area. We have a skilled blue collar workforce. While also known for high taxes, New York State sponsors manufacturing development in materials, operational excellence and new technologies. Consultants (not just us) offer workforce training and hands-on on-site improvement services and several educational resources are available for development of your own problem-solvers and improvement champions.

Following are links to local resources. With The exception of the TCIE lean certification program (which we highly recommend), we don’t specifically endorse any of these. They are merely lists of resources in the Buffalo area.  If you know of others that should be included here, please let us know.  We will update as we become aware of new resources.

TCIE (part of SUNY Buffalo – recommend “Certified Lean Professional” program. Other Operational Excellence courses are also available.

Erie Community College Quality Management offerings

Insyte Consulting

Buffalo Manufacturing Works (New York State sponsored technology development initiative)

Buffalo Niagara Manufacturing Alliance (offers Lean manufacturing workshops and more)

Lean Construction Institute (local programs and workshops)

APICS Buffalo Chapter

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