Our Approach

We are Lean consultants. We don't feed the cat without using Lean in some way. That's the product we use to solve problems. Before we even consider solving your problems with Lean, we need to know what you challenges are.

We provide lots of information here. We're happy to discuss ways of making your business better using Lean. But if we don't think Lean will solve your problems, we'll tell you so. Honest commitment to you and your specific needs is our basic guarantee. That's all we've got.

Your point of contact

I have spent the past seven years studying, learning, and applying Lean in every personal and professional activity of my life. I will always count my many coworkers as my greatest teachers. It is from them that I learned the lessons in humility, respect, ingenuity, and learning that are the foundations of Lean Thinking. As Vice President of Don Scott Associates, Inc. (parent of Buffalo Lean), I will be your first point of contact. I write on Lean topics here and elsewhere and I'm happy to answer any Lean questions you may have.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you benefit from the site.

Donald Scott, CLP

Certified Lean Professional